St. Augustine's Seminary of Toronto


The government, conduct, management and control of the Seminary are vested in the Board of Governors, as stated in the St. Augustine's Seminary Act (1983) and outlined in the By-laws of the Board of Governors (1985, and amended in 1988, 1989 and 2005). The day-to-day operating authority of St. Augustine's is the President-Rector who conducts the business of the Seminary with the co-operation of the Academic Council and of the Formation Council, as outlined in their respective By-laws.

Matters of appointment, promotion, granting of tenure, and terminations are carried out in accordance with the general norms of academic procedure established by the Association of Theological Schools, those of the Faculty Appointments Committee of the Toronto School of Theology, and those laid down by the Board of Governors of St. Augustine’s Seminary, and in accordance with the provisions of Canon Law (cf. can. 253).

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