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Tuition and Fees (in Canadian Funds)
for 2014-2015 Fall/Winter Fee Schedules
Fee Payment Information

Students who enrol in courses agree by virtue of that enrolment to abide by all of the academic and non-academic policies, rules and regulations of the University and of his or her academic division, as set out in the divisional calendar, and confirm responsibility for payment of associated fees, and agree to ensure that the accuracy of personal information such as the current mailing address, telephone number, and email address is maintained.

A student's registration is not complete until he or she has paid tuition and incidental fees, or has made appropriate arrangements to pay. Fee Payment is due when fees are assessed upon registration; this means that when your invoice shows the amount owing, payment is due. Please note that each division will have its own payment deadline and financial cancel deadline; please consult the Registrar for these dates.

Students who defer fee payment or whose payment is deferred pending receipt of OSAP or other awards, acknowledge that they continue to be responsible for payment of all charges, including any service charges that may be assessed. For details see the Student Accounts Web site at

The document currently on the Student Web Service/ROSI does not indicate the payment deadline for each division - the dates on this document refer only to service charges.

N.B.: Additional fees beyond those charged on the ROSI system may be levied by a student’s college. Students are encouraged to add courses early and pay fees promptly even for courses occurring late in the summer.

2014-2015 Fee Schedules are available in PDf format:

Domestic Fee Schedule

International Fee Schedule

Statement regarding Tuition and Fee Increases:

Domestic tuition fees are subject to the Tuition Framework of the Government of Ontario. The Government’s new Tuition Framework for the period 2013-14 to 2016-17 limits tuition increases for domestic students who are continuing in their programs to 3% for TST Basic Degree programs. It limits increases to 4% for students entering prior to 2013-14 in Advanced Degree programs and to 5% for students entering in Advanced Degree programs in 2013-14 and beyond. The TST will adhere to the new Framework and maximum tuition fee increases for continuing full-time domestic students will follow the above-noted caps. Tuition Fees for International students are not subject to the Tuition Framework of the Government of Ontario, however base tuition fees for international students have historically increased annually between 5% and 10%.”



Fees are assessed upon approval of your registration and payment is due upon registration.

Each student is expected to monitor their financial account on the Student Web Service/ROSI, by choosing the "Financial Accounts" option.
Email reminders will be sent to students with a balance using the University’s UTmail+ email service. Please ensure that you activate your UTmail+ email address - follow the instructions at; you need your library number on your TCard (student card) and your student number.
Paper invoices are available upon request. Please do not remit payment to St. Augustine’s Seminary.
Pay your fees at the bank upon registration or once your fees have been assessed.  You must pay either the minimum or total amount shown on your student account.  All fees are paid through a bank, and it usually takes three to five business days to process the payment to your ROSI account.   Keep your receipt or confirmation number - it's your only proof of payment.  For phone or online payments with your financial institution, use the 'account number' on the top right hand corner of the invoice format on ROSI.

Service Charges

All fees and charges posted to your account are payable. If not paid in full, any outstanding account balance is subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum). For charges associated with the curent fall/winter session, the service charge is first assessed as of November 15th and as of the 15th of every month thereafter until paid in full. Outstanding charges on your account from prior sessions are subject to a service charge as of the 15th of every month until paid in full.

Please note that Incidental Fees are based on your course registration per academic period; the Fall academic period is September - December and the Winter academic period is January - April. Summer Session is May through August. Academic Fees are charged on a per course basis.

Fee Schedule in pdf format above.

The Senior Bursary: St. Augustine's Seminary will discount Seniors [age 65 or over] 50% of the tuition amount of their invoice. The amount will be entered onto your account as an award and your account will be adjusted accordingly. The payment is made in February each year, but Seniors are not charged the Service Charge.



Ontario Student Assistance Program [OSAP] application forms are available from the University of Toronto, Admissions and Awards, 172 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 0A3. Phone: 416-978-2190.

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